A Comprehensive Literature Synthesis on the Role of Attitudes in Shaping Mobility/Location Choices

Comprehensive Literature Synthesis on the Role of Attitudes in Shaping Mobility/Location Choices 

Principal Investigator: Deborah Salon, Associate Professor, School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning
​Co-Principal Investigator: Sara Khoeini, Assistant Research Professor School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment
Project Duration: 48 months
​Project Budget (Federal UTC Funds): N/A
Project Budget (Cost-share): N/A
Lead Institution: Arizona State University

The TOMNET partners are undertaking a comprehensive synthesis of the literature that addresses the role of attitudes, values, perceptions, and preferences in shaping traveler behavior and mobility/location choices.  The comprehensive literature review is aimed at providing the field a thorough understanding of how attitudes and values have been measured and then put to use in various studies to better understand, explain, and model traveler behaviors and mobility/location choices. The comprehensive literature review involves identifying the types of attitudinal statements that are asked of respondents in surveys, classifying the literature based on the specific behavior(s) of interest, and summarizing the modeling methods used to incorporate attitudes in explaining and modeling traveler behavior.  The literature review will recognize that different types of attitudinal data are collected in the context of different behavioral phenomena; for example, attitudinal data collected in the context of a mode choice study may be very different from the attitudinal data collected in the context of a residential location choice study.  With the emergence of transformative technologies in transportation, the TOMNET team believes that the profession would benefit from a comprehensive synthesis of the literature, potentially leading to a series of white papers that cover different domains or topic areas.  Currently, the TOMNET team contemplates generating reviews about attitudes in the topics of residential location choice, use of transportation network companies (ride-hailing services), potential adoption and impacts of autonomous vehicles, and pricing policies.  Other topics being contemplated include vehicle type choice (with a focus on electric vehicles), long distance travel behavior, and active transportation mode use.

Research Products and Implementation

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