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    Professor Polzin writes on the future of commuting in America…

    The COVIDFuture Survey Project Wave 1 Data Set is Now Available for Download.
    Click to Access the Data.

    Watch the November 2020 COVIDFUTURE Seminar-Webinar Event Recording:
    Implications of COVID-19 on Human Activity-Mobility Patterns During and After the Pandemic: Initial Results from the COVIDFUTURE Longitudinal Survey Study

    Watch the June 2020 Transportation Seminar-Webinar Event Recording:
    The ABCs (Attitudes-Behaviors-Choices) of Future Mobility

    Presented by TOMNET and D-STOP University Transportation Centers

    Watch the May 2020 Transportation Seminar-Webinar Event Recording:
    Will We Ever Go Back to Our Pre-COVID-19 Lifestyle
    Not Completely – Initial Survey Results Suggest

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     Spring 2022 Seminar Schedule

    TOMNET Associate Director, Professor Deborah Salon of the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning, launches the ASU COVID-19 Transportation Survey to measure and understand short and long-term impacts of COVID-19 on transportation systems.

    Advancing Transport Operations and Mobility Networks for a ​Smart, Safe, Sustainable, and Equitable Transportation Future