Leisure Activity Participation and Social Capital

Exploration of the Relationships between Leisure Activity Participation Frequency and Social Capital

Principal Investigator: Michael Maness, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Project Duration: 12 months
​Project Budget (Federal UTC Funds): $46,015
Project Budget (Cost-share): $23,008
Institution: University of South Florida

This study examines the effects of social capital on the frequency of leisure activity participation. Two retrospective surveys of activity behavior were completed in Fall 2019 and 2020. The surveys included questions to ascertain individuals’ instrumental and expressive social capital through position, resource, and generalized name generators. Respondents were asked about participation across a vast list of specific leisure activities over the previous three months. Respondents with greater expressive social capital participated in social leisure activities more frequently than those with less expressive social capital. This relationship was found to not hold for the activities: drinking and socializing, attending church, and dining out.

Research Products and Implementation

Scope of Work

​Final Report