Software and Tools

The software and tools developed at TOMNET are listed below and are readily available to the public. Click on each link for further code, usage instructions, and examples.

TOMNET Wellbeing Platform

The TOMNET Wellbeing Platform is an open-source tool that allows users to track how changes in activity and time use patterns have impacted the wellbeing of various population groups on a year-to-year basis. By doing so, it can also reveal equity issues that may exist in society. The platform is based on three wellbeing indicators: WBEAT, a subjective wellbeing indicator that measures an individual’s overall satisfaction with their daily activities; a time poverty indicator, which assesses whether individuals have sufficient time for leisure and discretionary activities; and a zero trip-making indicator, which identifies individuals who do not make any trips outside the home on a given day, potentially indicating social isolation and decreased wellbeing.

These three indicators used in the TOMNET Wellbeing Platform can be applied to different transportation contexts to assess the impact of transportation investments and policies on the quality of life for all segments of society. The platform is open-source and uses data from the American Time Use Survey, a nationally representative survey of individuals in the United States that collects information on how people spend their time.

The beta version of the TOMNET Wellbeing Platform can be accessed using this link. Note that this version is still being tested and may contain some bugs or incomplete features. However, it is available for anyone to try out and provide feedback on.

i-Heat (Integrated Household Energy Analysis Tool)

Coming soon…

PopGen: The Synthetic Population Generator

The latest version of PopGen is available at this link. More information about PopGen, including usage instructions and demonstrations, will be available soon…