TOMNET Transformative Transportation Technologies (T4) Survey

Project Description

New transformative technologies are bringing disruptive changes to the transportation landscape. Multimodal mobility-as-a-service and shared mobility services are becoming available across most places. Autonomous vehicles are being tested on public roads and enlightening an efficient, safe, and smart transportation for the future. However, these technologies’ adoption and adaptation pathways are not clear among various groups of the population nor their potential side-impacts on sustainability and equity of the transport system. The TOMNET Transformative Technologies in Transportation (T4) Survey focuses on collecting data about attitudes, perceptions, and choices towards new mobility services, such as ridehailing services and autonomous vehicles to help shape the policy and planning efforts of the future transport system.

The T4 survey includes comprehensive sections on general lifestyle attitudes, current travel behavior, residential choice, and vehicle ownership status and preferences, perceptions and choices toward ridehailing services, attitudes, and stated adoption choices toward autonomous vehicles with detailed background information. The pilot survey was deployed in Fall 2018, only in Maricopa County (AZ), and tested two different survey instrument methods, namely a paper survey, and an online questionnaire with 262 complete responses. The online responses were more complete than paper responses and the cost and time intensiveness of the paper survey recruitment was much larger. The full deployment phase of the T4 survey collected data in Phoenix, Atlanta, Tampa, and Austin during late 2019 before the pandemic. The full deployment was conducted only in online format mainly based on random address-based samples, and a total of 3,465 valid responses were obtained. Currently, the survey team is working on analyzing the data and publishing results.

This role of this page is to archive all the research products including annual reports, webinars’ recordings, slides, and papers based on the T4 survey. For any questions, please contact the project director, Sara Khoeini at [email protected].

Team Members

Faculty Members

Sara Khoeini, ASU
Ram M. Pendyala, ASU
Deborah Salon, ASU
Giovanni Circella, Georgia Tech
Patricia L. Mokhtarian, Georgia Tech
Chandra R. Bhat, UT Austin
Michael Maness, USF
Nikhil Mennon, USF


Denise Capasso da Silva, ASU
Irfan Batur, ASU
Felipe Dias, UT Austin
Shuqing Kang, UT Austin
Yongsung Lee, Georgia Tech

Survey Instruments

Reports and Publications