How Important Are Attitudes in Travel Behavior Models? A Comprehensive Review

How Important are Attitudes in Travel Behavior Models? A Comprehensive Review

Principal Investigator: Deborah Salon, Associate Professor, School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning
Project Duration: 12 months
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Arizona State University

This project is a review of the literature on the relationship between attitudes and transportation choices. The literature is clear that, at least for some transportation choices among some populations, attitudes have strong associations with behavior. This raises the question of whether attitudinal variables should be included in the travel models that inform transportation decision making. Measuring attitudes and including them in models of travel behavior, however, is both expensive and challenging. We contribute with a focus on the questions of which attitudes are most important, for which transportation-related choices and populations, and how much do attitudinal variables improve the predictive power of travel behavior models. We also shed light on the relative success of different analytical methods and data collection protocols in helping us to understand these relationships.

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